Kura Photo

Ihei Mitsuyoshi Kitahara, the head of the 34th generation of the Kitahara family, had been running the sake brewery, which was established in 1749 in Takato, Shinshu (Nagano prefecture). During his round trip to Edo (Tokyo), he happened to discover the quality of spring water in Hakushu, and he was fascinated with it. He decided to open a new branch there.
There are scientific reasons for keeping with the traditional methods of brewing Sake and omitting even one step would mean sacrificing the quality to which we are so dedicated. We continue to pass our skills from generation to generation, human to human, taking the time and patience needed to teach such skills with honesty and precision. Therefore the traditions of the past are alive and well, being practiced day to day within our brewery. This is how we withstand the test of time. It is how we have done it for 300 years.”

Our philosophy about making Sake

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